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Let’s be real: dog parenting can be chaotic. We’re one subscription to calm the craziness—with best-in-class tools, personalized support, and someone to stress-call when your pup turns into the girl from The Exorcist. So you can be the #1 dog parent to your pup.
All for only $29.99/month, with a 6-month commitment.

That's $179.94 for $450 in perks for your first 6 months alone—aka about $1 a day.

What do you get with The Wildest Pack?

Basically, an all-in-one-dog-parent-dream-come-true. (But, literally, these perks.)

The Wildest Pack Guides

Your supergroup of pet care pros, ready with custom advice and recs for the five million questions you have every day.

Ask A Vet Premium

Access to veterinary pros via chat, phone, and email (for when your puppy’s poop is a weird shade of purple).

Specialist Consultations

Get personalized, 30-minute consultations from your pick of a Dog Behavior Specialist or Nutrition Counselor. (You’ll get two every six months.)

Premium DNA Test

Really understand your dog’s DNA with insight into breed mix, ancestry, traits, and health conditions (courtesy of Wisdom Panel Premium).

Wellness Monitor

Track every lick, scratch, sip, and zoomies session with a Whistle Health device — so your dog can ‘tell’ you when something’s up.

Upcoming Perks

Stay tuned for some super-exciting members-only treats still to come — just for our Pack members.

Want in on The Wildest Pack? Subscribe now for only $39.99 $29.99/month
Heads up: All subscriptions come with a 6-month minimum (billed monthly). That's right, we're not afraid of commitment.
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