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The Wildest Pack FAQ

What's included in the Pack?

Here’s (some of) what you’ll get in your subscription:

  • Pack Guides. Your personalized supergroup of pet care pros, ready with custom advice and recs for the five
    million questions you have every day.

  • Ask a Vet Premium. Access to vet pros via chat, phone, and email (for when your puppy’s poop is a weird shade of purple).

  • Specialist consultations. Personalized, 30-minute consultations from your pick of a Behavior Specialist or Nutrition Counselor. (You’ll get two every six months.)

  • A premium dog DNA test. Really get to know your dog, with insight into breed mix, ancestry, traits, and health conditions (courtesy of Wisdom Panel Premium). 

  • A wellness monitor. Track every lick, scratch, sip, and zoomies session with a Whistle Health device—so your dog can ‘tell’ you when something’s up.

And plenty of other extras to make dog parenting more fun and less freak-out-inducing. Get all the details here.

6-month commitment

When you subscribe to The Wildest Pack, there’s a six-month subscription minimum at $39.99/month. From there, you can keep going on a month-to-month basis. 

Why? This way, dog parents can pay a lower cost each month, rather than splurging on all the individual perks (like premium dog DNA test and wellness monitor). 

So we’re not here to trap a lifelong friendship. We just want to make sure we can deliver all the best benefits for about the price of your pup’s monthly treat budget. (Or less, we’re not here to judge.)

Do you ship internationally?

Right now, The Wildest Pack is only available for dog parents in the US. (But, we’d love to make this a global pack one day.)

What is the return policy?

We can’t offer returns or refunds on your subscription. Sorry about that! But we can send a replacement if you’ve received a flawed or damaged item. (All the details on that are in The Wildest Terms of Service.)

Is The Wildest Pack available for cats too? 

Not yet, but as fellow cat lovers, we’re always working on new ways to help cat parents. 

Can I use The Wildest Pack perks on more than one pet?

Each subscription and its perks (like the premium dog DNA test and wellness monitor) are designed for one dog.  So if you have multiple dogs, you’ll want to get one subscription for each pup.

How do promo codes work?

You can enter your promo code before you check out. And, just a heads up, you can only use one promo code at a time.

What are the Pack Guides?

Pack Guides are your personal pet experts. They can answer everyday questions, give personalized advice, set up specialty consultations, and help you with all things related to The Wildest Pack

You can get live help from Pack Guides 8am - 11pm EST, 7 days a week over email, text, or phone.

What is Ask a Vet Premium, and what are their hours?

Ask a Vet Premium lets you get in touch with our vet experts, so you can ask all your health-related questions. (Though, emergencies are still a rush-to-your-vet kind of deal.)

You can get live help from our vet pros 9am - 10pm EST, 7 days a week over chat, phone, or email—with a few holiday exceptions:

Full days off: Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
Shortened hours: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve

You’ll see an away message for those days when they’re unavailable. And you can still tap your Pack Guides for help in the meantime.

What are the specialist consultations? What are my options? 

These consultations are here to help you address your pet’s health and wellness as you move through this whole pet parenting thing. 

With your subscription, you’ll get two 30-minute consultations, every six months (from your sign-up date). You can choose between a Behavior Specialist or Nutrition Counselor, based on your specific questions, concerns, and your pup's needs.

As part of your premium dog DNA test, you’ll also get a separate consultation with a Genetic Counselor, to help you unpack and understand your Wisdom Panel results. 

Your Pack Guides can help you decide the right consultations for you and your pup—and let you know about new opportunities that are a good fit for you too. 

How do I book a specialist consultation?

When you’re ready to book, just let a Pack Guide know. They’ll help you get set up and scheduled. And they can even help you decide on the right specialist too.

What is the specialist consultation cancellation policy? 

Need to reschedule or cancel? No problem, just let your Pack Guides know (over email, phone, or chat) at least 48 hours before your scheduled consultation.

If you don’t cancel or reschedule within 48 hours, the scheduled session will count as one of your two consultations for the six-month period. (In other words? You’ll miss out on a perk, which no one wants!)

How can I access my Pack dashboard?

You can click here or if you're logged in, look for the link in the My Pets menu at the bottom of the screen. To log into your account, just look for the link on the top right of your screen on any page. 

How long does it take to start seeing statistics and information from my wellness monitor?

Once you set up your Whistle Health and start tracking, stats and info you see should show within 2-7 days, depending on the behavior. For instance, data about scratching and licking will appear within 2-3 days, whereas general wellness and trends take about 7 days.

How long does it take to get my DNA results? 

You should get results 2-3 weeks after our lab receives your pet's sample. And you’ll get an email from Wisdom Panel letting you know they’re ready. Results will be totally digital, and you’ll find them on both your Pack and Wisdom Panel dashboards.

Where is my pet’s DNA report? I haven't received my results.

It takes about 2-3 weeks to get results and have them pop up in your dashboard. Been more than 3 weeks? First, check your spam for a “Report Ready” email from Wisdom Panel. Then, check your Pack dashboard for results. Still nothing? Let a Pack Guide know and they’ll help sort it out. (Get their contact info here.)

Can puppies use the premium dog DNA test?

Yup, you can use Wisdom Panel Premium for dogs of all ages. We just recommend waiting until after a puppy has been weaned (to avoid cross-contamination). If you do test a puppy, some of the breed traits you learn about may not show up until they’re older. So it can be fun to watch how their DNA shapes them as they grow.

Can the DNA test certify a purebred or designer dog?

This test isn’t designed to do either. Rather, these DNA tests show how closely your dog’s DNA matches the DNA from (2.5+ million) dogs with known breeds in the Wisdom Panel database to give you the most accurate breed breakdown and a full picture of your pet.

Where does the data come from?

  1. Wisdom Panel users across 50 countries

  2. Public datasets from peer-reviewed publications

  3. Samples from Wisdom Panel-sponsored academic collaborations 

While Wisdom Panel has the world’s largest dog DNA database, it doesn’t represent the entire picture of purebred diversity (at least, not yet). So, in rare cases, a purebred dog with papers could show trace amounts of DNA from related breeds.

Can the DNA test estimate my dog's age?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, your vet may be able to help you with an age estimate.

I’m a current Whistle Health/Wisdom Panel customer. Can I still take advantage of this offering?

Great that you’re already using some of these tools for your pup. Right now, we just offer one version of The Wildest Pack subscription, which includes:

  • Access to personalized help from Pack Guides

  • Ask a Vet Premium over phone, chat, and email 

  • Specialist consultations with a Behavior Specialist or Nutrition Counselor

  • A premium dog DNA test (Wisdom Panel Premium)

  • A wellness monitor (Whistle Health)

So, there are plenty of other perks, if you’re interested in joining The Wildest Pack. (You can sign up here.)