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Food & Food Toppers

Kibble or canned? Fresh or dehydrated? Human-grade?! We’ll help you choose the best pet food on the market.

Man feeds his small brown dog Mango fruit.

The delicious fruit is safe in moderation.

Curious Basenji dog puppy climbs on the table with fresh vegetables at home in the kitchen.

Find out how to safely get your pup their greens.

Dog with head of corn in his mouth.

A few kernels are fine — but keep it off the cob.

Nutrition Calculator

If we could give our pets infinite treats, we would. But this tool will tell you the right amount to feed your friend.

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Small dog sniffing shrimp across picnic table.

Is your pup a seafood fan? Find out everything you need to know about feeding them shrimp.

From above Great Dane dog sniffing crackers on cutting board near red wine while stealing food in kitchen at home.

We know they want to — but how much is safe?

a dog waiting to eat Maev food

Katie Spies tells The Wildest how she’s changing the nutrition game with her human-grade raw pet food company.

Lovely Dog Sit On Chair And Looking At Whole Roasted Turkey.

Before you invite them to the Thanksgiving table, here’s what you should know.

Various Veggie Chips in a Ceramic Blue Bowl

Add it to the list of healthy human superfoods pups can eat, too.

Mid America pet foods dog food recall.

This is an expansion of two former recalls.

Growth Charts

So, you have a new, tiny family member? Well, we’ll help you track their growth, keep an eye on their health, and even predict how not-so-tiny they’ll become. Just add their weight to start.

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Young man playing with large white dog and dog toys.

Here’s how we selected everything you’re shopping in our Best in Show guide this year.

Close up of chopped pumpkin with person chopping pumpkin in the back

This simple recipe can serve as the base for dog treats,

Side view of a cute hungry dog standing next to a red bowl with food in a studio with white background

You can’t appease a picky dog with fish fingers like you can with your toddler. Here are some things you can do

A white and brown Jack Russel Terrier dog standing on a white wooden chair behind two stacked pumpkins on the chair with him

Jack-o’-lantern not required.

Large brown dog and Vital Essentials butcher cuts freeze dried dog food.

A veterinary nutritionist weighs in on how best to approach the diet plan.

Puppy eating a bowl of blueberries

From kale to quinoa, these nutrient-packed picks deserve a spot in your dog’s food bowl.