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Seth Rogen On the Death of His Dog Zelda

“She was truly the most special, magical creature...”

by Hilary Weaver
May 8, 2023
Seth Rogen's dog Zelda has died.
Photo Courtesy of @sethrogen

We don’t need proof to know how much a dog parent loves their pup, but going by Seth Rogen’s life, it’s pretty clear that his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Zelda, has been one of his greatest loves. The actor even created a lighter caddy in his smoking accessories and home goods line, Houseplant, in Zelda’s image. So, by now, Rogen’s fans have come to know the 13-year-old pup and were saddened to hear of the news that she has died.

On Monday, May 8, Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, posted on Rogen’s Instagram account that they had said their final farewell to Zelda on May 4. In a lengthy Instagram caption, they said, “We belonged to each other and we will miss her forever.” They also wrote, in part:

“She was almost 14 years old. She was truly the most special, magical creature. She taught us about love, resilience, strength, and kindness. We loved her more than words can describe. Everyone who met her saw what a unique little puppy she was. She’d stare in to your soul with her gigantic buggy eyes. She was so judgmental, that when she loved you, you really knew you earned it, and it made you feel like you had won. She had an incredible life and was lucky to have so many friends and shared her special love with so many people. She was a girl who was so shy no one adopted her as a baby who became a girl who travelled to multiple countries, appeared in three movies, on two magazine covers, and inspired countless works of Zelda-art — including a lighter that is now in the homes of hundreds of people.”

The couple went on to list some of the things they loved about Zelda:

“—Her big eyeballs and her intense eye contact
—How it feels when she stretches while I’m holding her in my arms
—How she comes inside before she’s done pooing, takes a treat and then runs to the door when she realizes she has to poo more
—The sound she made for Zankou chicken.
—The way the fur on her legs looks like culottes from the back
—Her leave me alone side eye
—The way she would sit and wait to be called to walk through the metal detectors at the airport and then she’d run through them and everyone would comment about what a good girl she was
—How she always wants to sleep in Seth’s spot
—When she would go to the door pretending to have to go out, but just wanted to get us away from our food, although she would never actually go for it
—Her big gigantic poops that always surprised people because of her small size
—The way she loved sprinting up and down hotel hallways
—How she’d ask Seth to take her outside over and over again just for treats
—The way she pounced on seaweed and her paws left tracks in the sand. And then she’d ‘kill it’ and ask to take it home.
—How incredible it felt to wake up in the morning and see her starring back at me.”

Rogen adopted Zelda in 2011, per Parade. On her 11th birthday in August 2020, Rogen honored her with an Instagram post, saying, “Today is my amazing dog Zelda’s 11th birthday. I feel incredibly grateful to spend my time with such a wonderful, special, loving little creature. Happy birthday!!”

Hilary Weaver

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