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Dog People, Reinforcements Have Arrived

We can’t move in to help with your pup. The Wildest Pack — the first-ever subscription with access to a pet parent concierge, veterinary experts, behavior and nutrition specialists, and more —  is the next best thing.

by Hilary Weaver
November 21, 2022
A brown and light blue cardboard mailer bod that reads "Pet parenting is wild. We're here to help." with a brown bone toy, a brown card reading "The wildest Picks," a whistle dog collar, and a Wisdom DNA test box sitting inside the mailer box.

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The pet-parent life is far more involved than anyone ever prepares you for. These little creatures have a hold on our hearts — and nervous systems. Those stinkers can throw us into full panic mode with one behavioral mishap (uh, this whole unraveling the toilet paper thing is new), weird symptom (did they always used to scoot across the white living room rug like that?), or sneaky snack (dude, that guacamole was so not for you). As their parent, you might roll your eyes at some of this, but then you hop into “now what” mode.

That’s what The Pack is for: the “now what” moments, those times you have no idea what your next move should be, and those instances you just need a friend to help you deep-breathe. Being a parent to a furry little ball of love (and stress trigger) is not something you should have to do alone. Thankfully, “the pack” applies to much more than a group of pups becoming instant besties at the dog park.

Pet parents are their own special kind of pack, and we look out for each other. With this subscription, The Wildest makes sure your every need — right down to figuring out the actual scientific reasons your pet is the way they are — is attended to. In short, with The Wildest Pack, we’ve got you. Here’s exactly how...

The Wildest Pack Guides

This perk allows you to access answers for those non-medical emergency situations, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST. As you can with the Ask a Vet Premium, you can touch base with a non-medical expert with any of those frantic questions that swirl around your mind at all hours of the day: Can I give my dog almonds? Is a collar or harness safer for my pup? How often should I trim those nails before they begin to resemble something on a dragon in Game of Thrones?

Ask a Vet Premium

With this feature, you can get live advice from a veterinarian, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST., via phone, email, or chat. Plus, you don’t have to make that late-night trip to the vet, or go to the trouble of forcing your pet into their carrier for that dreaded car ride.

Specialist Consultations

Just like no one told you adulthood would come with so many complications (allergies, acid reflux, joints that pop and muscles that strain without warning), your dog has unexpected hiccups — maybe literally! — in their health that require more than the advice of their general vet. You will have the choice between two 30-minute virtual consultations, every six months, with a behavior specialist or nutrition counselor, to either weigh in on that submissive peeing issue or those food allergies that cause irritated, itchy skin. Our little darlings are not exactly low-maintenance, but this feature is the answer to that.

Whistle Wellness Monitor

This Whistle wellness tracker that comes with your subscription uses AI to track your pup’s every step (well, their every lick, scratch, lap of water, snooze, and playtime scamper across the dog park). This way, the moment something changes in your dog’s health, you’re the first to know. Well, the second. But your dog can’t necessarily bark a call to the vet’s office to discuss an annoying hot spot or pesky blood-thirsty tick.

Wisdom Panel DNA Test

Ever wonder why your dog nips at your feet when you’ve strayed too far from the rest of the family on a hike? Or why your cat has those specific markings on their face? Just as you’ve learned at your therapist’s office, a lot of it comes down to their family (more specifically their genetics). The Wisdom Panel /wisdom-panel-cat-dna-testwill give you access to information about your dog or cat’s breed mix, health risks, traits, and more. With the help of a genetic counselor, you can get ahead of any genetic health concerns that could affect their life.

An added bonus: 99.9 percent of the pups who take this test find a relative in the system, which means family reunions — with barks, playtime, and treats and (hopefully) none of the drama you have at yours.

Hilary Weaver

Hilary Weaver is the senior editor at The Wildest. She has previously been an editor at The Spruce Pets, ELLE, and The Cut. She was a staff writer at Vanity Fair for nearly three years, and her work has been featured in Esquire, Refinery 29, BuzzFeed, Parade, and more. She lives with her herding pups, Georgie and Charlie, in New England.